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Top 10 of What Physicians Need to Know About The Healthcare Workers Bonus Program:

September 07, 2022 9:27 AM | Deleted user

1. Physician practices with at least 20% Medicaid patient population are eligible to submit for the bonuses on behalf of eligible employees (listed in the FAQ).

2. 20% Medicaid includes patients enrolled in Medicaid fee for service, Medicaid Managed Care and where Medicaid is secondary.

3. Based upon an e-mail from DOH, the 20% does not include non-Medicaid Child Health Plus, the Essential Plan or Medicare (or other public-supported coverage)

4. The state has not defined what period of time should include the 20%. I think they have left up to the various providers to justify through documentation over some period of time (i.e. 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, etc.)

5. If you can’t complete the documentation for vesting period 1 (employees from 10/1/21 – 3/31/22), for which the submission deadline is today, September 2, you will have another chance to submit for eligible employees in October for Vesting Period 1, in addition to employees for Vesting Period 2 (employees from 4/1/22 – 9/30/22)

6. There are 3 additional employee 6-month vesting periods (5 total) running through March 31, 2024

7. There is a defined formula in the statute for the bonus level for the eligible employees, based upon the number of average hours worked during a 6-month vesting period.

a. 20-30 hours = $500 bonus/vesting period

b. 30-35 hours = $1,000 bonus/vesting period

c. 35 hours or more = $1,500 bonus/vesting period

8. An eligible employee may not receive a bonus for more than 2 vesting periods, with a maximum bonus of $3,000 cumulatively

9. With very limited exceptions, an eligible employee cannot have earned more than $62,500 for a particular vesting period

10. Medical residents and fellows are eligible to receive the bonuses. With some limited exceptions, they remain eligible even if they shifted facilities during a particular vesting period.

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