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Katz Women’s Surgical Center at Glen Cove Hospital | Plastic Surgery Dinner

August 01, 2023 2:51 PM | Lisa Wickens-Alteri (Administrator)

On Thursday, July 27, 2023, the Katz Women’s Surgical Center at Glen Cove Hospital hosted a special dinner to express gratitude and appreciation to the talented plastic surgeons who have played an instrumental role in establishing the center as a destination of excellence. The event also served as an opportunity for reflection on past achievements, celebrating successes and fostering discussions on continual improvements to enhance the patient and surgical experience.

Attended by twelve plastic surgeons, both employed and voluntary within Northwell Health, the dinner brought together key figures from Glen Cove Hospital Senior Leadership, Eastern Region Senior Leadership and Surgery Service Line leadership. The gathering of esteemed professionals set the stage for a productive roundtable discussion.

The roundtable discussion centered on the surgeon’s personal experiences and insights about operating at Katz Women’s Surgical Center at Glen Cove Hospital. Surgeons enthusiastically shared their most enjoyable aspects of working at the center, expressing appreciation for the supportive environment, cutting edge technology and collaborative atmosphere.

The dinner also provided an ideal platform for the surgeons to share any immediate changed they deemed necessary to enhance the surgical center’s functioning further. Open and constructive dialogue allowed for actionable feedback and immediate steps toward addressing concerns, reaffirming the commitment to continuous improvement.

Furthermore, the event aimed to envision the future of Katz Women’s Surgical Center. The surgeons offered valuable perspectives on potential modifications and enhancements, ensuring the center remains at the forefront of innovation and women’s surgical care. This collective vision for the future inspired all attendees to work together towards elevating the center to new heights of excellence.

Overall, the dinner served as a testament to the strong partnership between plastic surgeons and the leadership teams, reinforcing the shared commitment to delivering outstanding surgical Care. As Katz Women’s Surgical Center continues to thrive as a hub of excellence in plastic surgery, this event underscored the importance of collaboration, communication, and a patient- centric approach to achieving new milestones and offering the best possible care to patients.

Left to Right: Kerri Scalon CEO, Dr. Lauren Shikowitz-Behr, Dr. Haritha Veeramachaneni, Dr. Susan Palleschi, Dr. Diana Yoon-Schwartz

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