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COVID-19 Resources for New York - Protect Your Practice and Patient's Safety

March 16, 2020 11:40 PM | Deleted user

With support from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the New York State Society of Plastic Surgeons (NYSSPS) is following the progression of COVID-19 in New York and the United States. Your leadership has been serving on decision-making committees shaping policies, passionately discussing the effects of the virus on plastic surgery practice in NY, and staff is working to be the voice of plastic surgery at the state government during this difficult time.

Our goal is to protect you, discern and prioritize information, advise the government on your current status and needs, and respond to member’s inquiries. It is with this in mind that NYSSPS has decided to postpone the in-person annual advocacy day in Albany on April 29th.  When the time is right, we will provide you with more information on how to meet with legislators to discuss issues impacting your practice in light of the current events and in the months to come.    

NYSSPS is here to help you protect your profession and your patients’ safety that’s why you can use as a resource to cull through the inundation of information and stay apprised of the rapidly changing world.

Additionally, our strategic partnerships with Garfunkel Wild, PC and The Doctors Company will help shed guidance on how to position your practice during this challenging time.   

Should you encounter barriers or questions, please email them to NYSSPS as we diligently work to provide you with resources and answers. We are ready and mobilized to let the state government know what it’s like in the field, and what you are facing in order to help inform their decision making and policies. Send your questions here:

Thank you for your service to your patients and for always putting patient safety first. 

COVID-19 Resources for New York Members

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