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  • July 30, 2018 11:22 AM | Deleted user

    The Physician's Role in Paid Family Leave 

    As a physician,  you play a critical role in certifying medical documentation in a timely manner and raising awareness of Paid Family Leave among your patients and their families.

    Physicians can determine if a patient with a serious health condition is in need of family care and help them receive the support they need.  Additionally you can provide the required certification or documentation to patients and family members who request Paid Family Leave for either bonding with a new child or caring for a family member with a serious health condition.

    This presentation will: 

    • Provide an overview of New York's Paid Family Leave
    • Provide an overview of the health care providers' role in the process
    • Point you to helpful resources.

    There are two opportunities to attend.  There will be time at the end for questions and answers as well.

    When you click 'Register here', you will be taken to a general information page. You must click 'Register' on the bottom of that page to sign up. 

    More Information

    Complete details regarding Paid Family Leave are available at, including Employee and Employer request forms 

    Additionally, downloadable guides:

    You can also call the Paid Family Leave Helpline at (844) 337-6303, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. for more information or assistance

  • June 18, 2018 11:38 AM | Deleted user

    Legal Technology Alert: ADA Website Accessibility Lawsuits are on the Rise

    It is important for all health care providers to ensure that their websites are fully accessible to persons with visual impairments or other similar disabilities.

    The best practice for health care providers to follow is to have IT professionals conduct a comprehensive website audit, guided by counsel to preserve confidentiality.   

    In order to avoid litigation, practices should review their websites for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”). 

    Click here to learn more about reviewing your exposure

    Our Relationship Partners 

    Garfunkel Wild PC is general counsel to the Society. Our Garfunkel Wild's relationship partners are:

    You can reach them by phone at: (516) 393-2230

  • June 13, 2018 9:44 AM | Deleted user

    The NYSSPS Executive Council is pleased to announce that it has chosen The Doctors Company as the NYSSPS exclusively endorsed professional liability carrier. 

    We chose to endorse The Doctors Company because as an organization founded and led by physicians and owned by members, they share our commitment to address challenges faced by our members and our focus on legislative advocacy. As the largest insurer of plastic surgeons in the nation, they also have an unparalleled understanding of liability claims against our specialty.

    NYSSPS members are now eligible for a multitude of offerings from The Doctors Company, including aggressive defense; expert patient safety tools and programs; risk management courses to maintain Section 18 excess eligibility; premium credits; and a range of coverage options.

    For more information on the membership privileges you will receive from The Doctors Company, call them at (631) 248-2710 or visit

  • May 10, 2018 10:55 AM | Deleted user

    Amend Bill & Provide Safeguards from Misleading Advertisements: S5870 /A560 

    Among patients and the general public, the term “board certified” has come to signify the highest achievement in clinical training and expertise. When individuals seek medical care, the knowledge that their physician is board certified assures them that they are engaging a provider with significant direct training and demonstrated, validated skill in the specialty certification advertised. As a result, it is crucial that the quality associated with the term “board certified” is protected. 

    As currently written S5870/A560 language would allow physicians who are certified by substandard boards to advertise their certification in a misleading way. It would allow physicians practicing outside the specialty or subspecialty they trained in to present themselves to the public in a manner suggesting otherwise. 

    To avoid this unintended consequence, the bill should be amended to include language that ensures boards require adequate training of their diplomates.

    Call to Action

    Send a message to your legislator today! A sample has been provided for you. It should take you less than 3 minutes to complete. 

  • May 07, 2018 10:59 AM | Deleted user

    NYSSPS is committed to ensuring patients have the best care possible, and we believe that, across the practice of medicine, such a commitment requires physicians to: (1) stay abreast of the latest clinical research and standards of care; (2) demonstrate their mastery of the latest knowledge through objective and reliable assessment methods; and (3) integrate this knowledge into their practice.

    We believe that American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) boards, and the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) specifically, are critical to our members meeting these commitments.

    When patients seek medical care, the knowledge their physician is board certified, and maintains this certification, assures them they are engaging a physician with significant direct training and validated skill in the specialty certification advertised. Board Certification, and the maintenance of this certification, is a valuable tool in the ongoing effort to maximize patient safety.

    As a result, it is crucial the quality associated with the term “board certified” is protected and the rights of hospitals and insurance carriers to include these standards for credentialing and privileging practices be retained.

    Call to Action

    Oppose S7357A (DeFrancisco) / A4914B (Schimminger) - If enacted, this bill takes decisions that should be in the hands of doctors and experts on credentialing and privileging committees and places them in the hands of policymakers. Board certification is unquestionably an appropriate criterion to consider in licensure and for credentialing a physician to a hospital staff or an insurance network, and legislative efforts to undermine its relevance are unwise.

    Contact your representatives today and urge them to vote NO!

  • May 05, 2018 11:08 AM | Deleted user

    New York is seeing many efforts from non-physician health care providers to provide increasingly popular elective surgical services, but these shortcuts expose patients to unnecessary risk and potentially hazardous outcomes. 

    This is not an issue of necessity or convenience and patient care for the citizens of New York should not be compromised. 

    Policy should explore and implement measures that help ensure an adequate distribution of physicians in all communities and focus on attracting and retaining new physicians throughout the state. 

    Call to Action

    Contact your legislators and urge them to oppose S3551 A4543 which permits all dental practitioners to perform a wide range of medical and surgical procedures within the oral maxillofacial area including:

    • rhinoplasty (nose jobs)
    • blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery)
    • rhytidectomy (face lift)
    • submental liposuction
    • otoplasty (ear surgery)
    • dermabrasion,
    • Other procedures of the head and neck performed by plastic surgeons, otolaryngologists, ophthalmologists and neurosurgeons
  • April 23, 2018 10:56 AM | Deleted user

    Working with WildApricot, we have corrected the security certificate issue. 

    You can rest assure everything is up and working correctly. Your information (for example, passwords or credit card numbers) are all private when it is sent to this site.

    We thank our members who alerted us to the issue and to WildApricot for their speediness in resolving the issue!

    Should you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us: or 518-598-7755.

  • April 20, 2018 5:40 PM | Anonymous

    Thank you to our members who have alerted us to a hiccup in our launch of the new website!  We are working to resolve and we will inform you once completed!

  • April 03, 2018 9:54 AM | Anonymous

    The Drug Enforcement Administration is warning the public about criminals posing as DEA Special Agents or other law enforcement personnel as part of an international extortion scheme.

    Extortion Scam Criminal

    The criminals call the victims (who in most cases previously purchased drugs over the internet or by telephone) and identify themselves as DEA agents or law enforcement officials from other agencies. The impersonators inform their victims that purchasing drugs over the internet or by telephone is illegal, and that enforcement action will be taken against them unless they pay a fine. In most cases, the impersonators instruct their victims to pay the "fine" via wire transfer to a designated location, usually overseas. If victims refuse to send money, the impersonators often threaten to arrest them or search their property. Some victims who purchased their drugs using a credit card also reported fraudulent use of their credit cards.

    Impersonating a federal agent is a violation of federal law. The public should be aware that no DEA agent will ever contact members of the public by telephone to demand money or any other form of payment.

    The DEA reminds the public to use caution when purchasing controlled substance pharmaceuticals by telephone or through the Internet. It is illegal to purchase controlled substance pharmaceuticals online or by telephone unless very stringent requirements are met. And, all pharmacies that dispense controlled substance pharmaceuticals by means of the internet must be registered with DEA. By ordering any pharmaceutical medications online or by telephone from unknown entities, members of the public risk receiving unsafe, counterfeit, and/or ineffective drugs from criminals who operate outside the law. In addition, personal and financial information could be compromised.

    Anyone receiving a telephone call from a person purporting to be a DEA special agent or other law enforcement official seeking money should refuse the demand and report the threat using the online form below. Please include all fields, including, most importantly, a call back number so that a DEA investigator can contact you for additional information. Online reporting will greatly assist DEA in investigating and stopping this criminal activity. 

    > Online Reporting

    For more information contact:Locate DEA Field Office for your area -

    Registration Service Center - 1-800-882-9539

    Email -   

  • March 27, 2018 9:47 AM | Anonymous

    The current practice of dentistry is defined as diagnosing, treating, operating, or prescribing for any disease, pain, injury, deformity, or physical condition of the oral and maxillofacial area relating to restoring and  maintaining  dental  health.  By removing the language, "restoring and  maintaining  dental  health" the bill permits dental practitioners to perform a wide range of medical and surgical procedures incongruent with dental training and practice including but not limited to rhinoplasty (nose jobs), blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), rhytidectomy (face lift), submental liposuction, otoplasty (ear surgery), dermabrasion, and other procedures of the head and neck performed by plastic surgeons, otolaryngologists, ophthalmologists and neurosurgeons.

    This bill would permit all dental practitioners to perform a wide range of medical and surgical procedures within the oral maxillofacial area.

    Dentists, even oral and maxillofacial surgeons, are not trained in the systemic management of disease and, therefore, are not prepared to conduct a proper pre-operative evaluation, assess what surgical approach is most appropriate, or determine how to manage complications which may arise.
    This type of expansion dangerously comprises patient safety and quality of care. Rather, policies should explore and implement measures that help ensure an adequate distribution of physicians in all communities and focus on attracting and retaining new physicians throughout the state.

    Allowing limited license providers to become medical doctors by legislative fiat runs counter to federal and state policies that promote physician led, team-based health care.  > Use the NYSSPS Grassroots Action Center to Oppose S3551/A4543 

The New York State Society of Plastic Surgeons, Inc (NYSSPS) was founded in 2008 on the guiding principle that New York’s plastic surgeons need an entity focused directly on representing its member's interests at the state / federal legislative and regulatory levels.


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